Low Harms By Organic Products Grabbing The Hair-Care Market Shares

Feb-2019 | 99Strategy | Others

Fashion and beauty have been continuously escalating the growth of all the concerned markets, and the hair-care market is among them. Currently, there are huge numbers and varieties of hair products manufactured by different industries available in the market. These hair-care products generally comprise hair color, shampoo, hair conditioner, and hair oils.

The products are categorized based on the type, texture, and treatment required by the hair such as to deal with dandruff, gray hair, dry hair, and other. But still, the hair products are rarely available that can truly maintain the natural hair texture—especially the hair texture of the population of African origin, known as afro hair.

Keeping in mind the requirement for Afro hair, Rachael Corson, along with Joycelyn Mate have established a new hair care company, Afrocenchix. The company is manufacturing all-natural and plant-based hair products suitable for managing Afro hair. The idea of manufacturing organic hair-products came into the mind of co-founders by understanding the huge side effects of using chemical-based hair products causing hair damage that include surfactants, ethoxylated and fatty alcohols, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, propyltrimonium, guar gums, wax, and emulsifiers.

Despite the higher market value of organic products due to costly manufacturing comprising collection and extraction of plant ingredients along with the beneficial effects on hair health, the consumers have been preferring organic hair-care products over chemical or synthetic products.

Not only by the hair-care market, but the black women are being neglected by the cosmetics market also. Majority of the cosmetics products manufactured in the market usually target white toned women.

However, these Afrocenchix's organic hair products are not specifically effective for afro hair. Due to the increasing adoption of organic products by the customers, this company has been currently in the leading position. All of their derived products are eco-friendly, ethically-sourced, chemical allergens free, and feasibly organic.