Customer Centric Services, AI, Driving The Growth For Beauty And Wellness Market

Feb-2019 | 99Strategy | Technology

Earlier this year, new changes are occurring in the around the globe. Some changes are expected, while other abrupt resorts should keep pace with the industry. To successfully manage a beauty and wellness business, the key players are focusing on multiple segments to generate more income.

By taking into account new trends in the field of beauty and well-being, the key plays are acknowledging market trends and maintain activity. According to Smergers, the sole hairdressing industry is estimated at 10,000 Crore in India. In a market of 10,000 Crore, the organized segment values 2,500 Crore.

Money and experience are the most significant areas that control the industry. Besides these factors, there are also small components that regulate the market.

To stay ahead of the competition, there is a need to focus on every aspect of the company. Seriously securing small and large issues help to solve and offers better customer service. By monitoring the market, the players recognizing the loopholes in customer service and also determine the effective steps to fill that gap.

The global beauty and wellness industry embraces new ways to raise awareness and lead spirituality. The introduction of services based on spirituality makes enlightenment and peace in spirit and soul. This change occurred due to the constant connection of people with technology; to counteract the negative effects of the technological age, the immanent tendency to meditation and spirituality is imminent.

As with other industries, the beauty and wellness industry focuses on improving customer relationships. Despite the invasion of technology, the majority of small service providers are focusing on relationships, rather than relying solely on artificial intelligence.

Growing awareness about the benefits of wellness and massaging therapies is also motivating the growth of the global beauty and wellness market.