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Lotus’ Entry Into China’s Car Production To Propel The Automotive Market

25-Feb-2019 | Chemicals & Materials

The Chinese owner of Lotus is planning to start the production of the British sports car brand. This move by the firm is supposed to help in propelling the automotive market in China region. Reportedly, this production is supposed to be carried out in China for the first time. The novel plant in Wuhan city is supposed to have an investment of almost $1.3 Billion, as per the firm job advertiseme ...

Low Harms By Organic Products Grabbing The Hair-Care Market Shares

25-Feb-2019 | Others

Fashion and beauty have been continuously escalating the growth of all the concerned markets, and the hair-care market is among them. Currently, there are huge numbers and varieties of hair products manufactured by different industries available in the market. These hair-care products generally comprise hair color, shampoo, hair conditioner, and hair oils.

Comcast Manages To Increase Its Internet Subscribers Leading To Boost The Global Internet Market

13-Feb-2019 | Technology

Comcast, An American telecommunication firm, is still losing its cable customers in the U.S. region. At the same time, the reports state that it has managed to collect more Internet subscribers. This has lead to boost the Internet market in this region. The firm achieved to gather revenue advancement from Sky, its large bet on European TV. The Philadelphia firm proclaimed that it lost about 29, ...

Cryptocurrency Market Might Hold Its Level As Bitcoin’s Price Remains Stable

13-Feb-2019 | Technology

After all, the most important cryptocurrency market value has dropped nearly to 70% in the last 13 Months. The concern now is to spot early signs of a low-to-long-term trend change, which could be possible with the simple 10-week moving average.

Customer Centric Services, AI, Driving The Growth For Beauty And Wellness Market

05-Feb-2019 | Technology

Earlier this year, new changes are occurring in the around the globe. Some changes are expected, while other abrupt resorts should keep pace with the industry. To successfully manage a beauty and wellness business, the key players are focusing on multiple segments to generate more income.

Decline In Snap Share Following CFO Tim Stone’s Resign Likely To Hamper The Social Media Market Growth

05-Feb-2019 | Technology

In the recent past, privacy and security on social media platforms have been the key concerns all across the world, reflecting a significant impact on the growth of the social media market. And as per the latest reports, Tim Stone, the Snap’s CFO, will be leaving the firm after taking the role in less than a year. After the announcement, the stakes of Snap declined by 8% to $6.02 (approxi ...

Introduction Of New Policies To Create Revolution In Indian Industry 4.0 Technology Market

15-Jan-2019 | Technology

Industry 4.0 is an assimilated process that includes automation tools, robot controls, and large data analyzes. This combined system helps the manufacturer to certify the control, knowledge, integrity, and visibility of the manufactured product. Industry 4.0 has made industries intelligent in which almost all operations are managed by the integrated cyber-physical system.

India Might Be The Third Largest Consumer Market Globally

14-Jan-2019 | Food & Beverage

India is poised to become the third largest consumer market following the United States and China; consumer expenditure in India is anticipated to spur from $1.5 Trillion to almost $6 Trillion by 2030, the World Economic Forum said on Wednesday.

India In Discussion With America And Saudi Arabia Over Lowering Prices Might Impact The Crude Oil Market

22-Nov-2018 | Oil and Gas

To reduce the prices of petrol and diesel, the government did not cut the tax, but now it is preparing to raise the issue internationally to relieve consumers. Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Thursday that India will pressurize the world's largest oil producers, Saudi Arabia and the US to lessen the oil cost, to offer assistance to consumers.

After The Warning In Budget, Cryptocurrency Market Witnessed Instability

22-Nov-2018 | Public & Service

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said in his budget speech on Thursday that all cryptocurrencies including bitcoins are illegal and the government will make full efforts to end them. Just a day after that, there was a declining cryptocurrency trend on Friday. But again on Friday evening, these currencies made a tremendous return. It did not only compensate for Friday's loss, but also covered t ...