Large-Scale Digitization To Burgeon The Growth Of The Serious Games Market

Dec-2017 | 99Strategy | Technology

Serious games are basically digital applications that developed to offer education but with fun. The key purpose of serious games is to offer knowledge, inform, train, teach, and memorize end users, instead of sheer entertainment. It allows advertisers to increase brand awareness by amplifying receptivity of message, create additional traffic to their websites, and target more audience. It also assists students to study with fun as it overpasses gap between practical and theory. Serious games are also utilized in technical training, inspection, fault recognition & rectification, competency evaluation, and other applications.

Few of the factors having a considerable impact on the growth of the serious games market are mentioned below.

Noteworthy implementation of virtual reality in development and training activities

Virtual reality is getting significant adoption in the serious games market as it creates a realistic environment for the training and development activities, which increases employee activities and their performance. Factors that contribute to the growth of virtual reality market across the globe include an increase in awareness about such technologies, cost-effective solutions easily available in the market, and increased expenditure from end-user verticals such as defense, education, healthcare and others on employee engagement solutions.

Rise in requirement of better user engagement platforms across firms

Student and employee productivity and engagement are directly relative to each other. To advance the efficiency of enterprises, worker engagement in development and training programs is among the essential activities. Thus, organizations are keen to spend on serious games platform for such activities, which, in turn, is fueling the growth of the serious games market.

Large-scale digitization

Substantial growth opportunities are been offered on account of large-scale digitization across the budding economies for the serious games market across the globe. Highly digitized areas found it simpler to team up with the serious games to improve their employee productivity and engagement programs as the use of such programs becomes much affordable and easier.

Inappropriate game designs

The functioning method of a serious game is extremely reliant on its design to generate an utmost influence on a user. Nevertheless, if the game falls short to attain its projected goal, which is employee engagement, development and training, then there is no use of spending in such game designs. Such inappropriate game designs can obstruct the growth of the serious games market.