High Demand From Communication Sector Escalates The Growth Of The Passive Component Market

Jul-2018 | 99Strategy | Electrical & Electronic Device

Passive components are the most important elements of the electronic circuit. These components exist in every electronic or electrical device, which we use in our day-to-day life. Starting from our phone to all the consumer electronics products and home appliances, these components have their own role to play.

Increase in demand for communication equipment

Communication equipment not only incorporates media transmission devices used in telecommunication but are also used in mechanical specialized gadgets in industrial communication devices. One of the principal purposes of the development of communication equipment is the development of LTE speed connection standard. As day-by-day the size of the smartphone is getting slimmer, the requirement for miniature size and the better interior component is expanding. The interest for multilayer ceramic capacitors and tiny sensors for security, infotainment, and powertrain in the automobile business have prompted the demand for passive components.

Growing need for thinner and smaller passive components

Electronic parts have gone through a radical change from massive, large weight gadgets to little, thin, and smaller gadgets, with great quality and high performing features. The demand is expanding at a quick rate owing to prerequisite from end user industries specifically from automotive and smartphone segments.

Small size passive components are utilized as a part of engine control units, navigation systems, telematics, and others. The capacitor market dominates in the global passive component markets. Besides, the utilization of MLCC is expanding owing to its high capacitance, imperviousness to voltage, and compactness, which can be utilized as a part of any electronic gadget irrespective to the type of business. These qualities of passive component manage to fetch high demand, which drives the global passive component market.

Technological advancement in medical devices

The requirement for passive components in the medical sector has spurred due to the advancement in technology in terms of therapeutic and surgical devices. Capacitors, for example, surface-mounted multilayer ceramics capacitors, are majorly utilized as in the development of medical devices. Other applications of high-frequency passive components in medical devices are patient bed sensors, blood pressure meters, MRI, health checkup kits, and many others.

Development of various SMD components that are miniature in size has created great opportunities for the passive component market globally.