China To Help The Global Cyber Security Market

Jul-2018 | 99Strategy | Technology

China has decided to take the current computer network issue very seriously. The social media has currently been going through a very rough patch. The growth of the violent content, online harassment, and cyber bully are at its peak due to the increasing use of the internet among the youngsters. The low-security norms on the social media have resulted in such situations from occurring.

After looking at the rising cyber security issues, China has ordered its three well-known Internet companies to erase out their video and audio streaming services from the concerned web services. It is important for the various country officials itself to take up such decisions of eliminating threatening contents from online so as to avoid giving wrong messages to the users.

China’s decision of warning its most Internet companies is like lending a helping hand to the global cyber security market. The global market is currently in great dilemma owing to the increasing malware attacks and social media harassment issues. The users are demanding the Internet companies to come up with the best of security so as to increase the security of the social media. The posting of appalling contents or videos online has resulted in growing terrorism, suicides, or other social problems in the society. Hence, it is of great necessity that the global cyber security market helps curb the malicious illegal activities going online.

China has planned to straighten its nose by being helpful to the global market as well as its public. China media oversight body has shut down the most popular platforms including, ACFUN, and Weibo microblogging platform that had offending audio or video streams been posted. These sites had negative comments or opinions and politically-related programs that do not match with the states actual rules. Thus, China planned to stop such sites before it worsens the situations.

The Beijing Cyberspace Administration has ordered the Internet companies to close down their social media accounts that encourage celebrity gossip and vulgar taste of the public. The shutting down of the three sites can help create a cleaner cyberspace.

Like China, let’s hope the other nations as well help control the cyber threats.